Tutorial: Movie Database

Let's create editing interface for some site similar to IMDB with Serenity.

You can find source code for this tutorial at:


Create a new project named MovieTutorial

In Visual Studio click File -> New Project. Make sure you choose Serene template. Type MovieTutorial as name and click OK.

You might also choose Serene (AspNetCore) version. A few things will be different. We'll try to list those differences.

In Solution explorer, you should see one project with name MovieTutorial.Web.

MovieTutorial.Web project is an ASP.NET MVC (or Core) application that contains server side code plus static resources like css files, images etc.

MovieTutorial.Web also has a tsconfig.json file at root, which specifies that it is also a TypeScript project. All .ts files under Modules/ and Scripts/ directories are compiled on save, and their outputs are combined into a script file under scripts/site/ folder with name MovieTutorial.Web.js.

Please make sure that you have TypeScript 2.5.2+ installed. Check your version from Visual Studio Extensions dialog.

To install TypeScript 2.5.2+ in Visual Studio, you'll need to install Visual Studio 2015 Update 3.

Download its latest version from http://www.typescriptlang.org/#download-links for your Visual Studio.

Also check prerequisites in Getting Started section.

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