Authorization Static Class

[namespace: Serenity, assembly: Serenity.Core]

Authorization class provides some shortcuts to information which is provided by services like IAuthorizationService, IPermissionService etc.

For example, instead of writing


you could use

public static class Authorization
    public static bool IsLoggedIn { get; }
    public static IUserDefinition UserDefinition { get; }
    public static string UserId { get; }
    public static string Username { get; }
    public static bool HasPermission(string permission);
    public static void ValidateLoggedIn();
    public static void ValidatePermission(string permission);

IsLoggedIn, UserDefinition, UserId, Username and HasPermission make use of corresponding service for you to access information easier about current user.

ValidateLoggedIn checks if there is a logged user and if not, throws a ValidationException with error code NotLoggedIn.

ValidatePermission checks if logged user has specified permission and throws a ValidationException with error code AccessDenied otherwise.

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