Installing Serene Asp.Net Core Version with SERIN

This section is for users who doesn't or can't use Visual Studio (in Linux / OSX).

Serene Asp.Net Core version supports Linux and OSX in addition to Windows.

We recommend Visual Studio Code for all platforms, but it is also possible to work with a basic text editor like Notepad / VIM. There are also other nice options e.g. Atom.

Install .NET Core 2.0 SDK

Please go to address below and follow instructions for your specific platform:

Install NodeJS

As TypeScript (and our SERene project INitializer - SERIN) runs on NodeJS you need to install Node/NPM from:

or using your favorite package manager:

Install SERIN as a Global Tool

Install our project initializer, SERIN as a global tool using NPM:

Linux / OSX:

> sudo npm install -g serin


> npm install -g serin

NPM Install Serin

Thanks to Victor (@vctor) for Linux screenshots

Create Folder for New Project

Create an empty MySerene (or a name you like) folder.

Linux / OSX:

> cd ~
> mkdir MySerene
> cd MySerene


> cd c:\Projects
> mkdir MySerene
> cd MySerene

Serin has to be run from a completely empty directory

Run Serin to Create a New Project

While inside an empty directory, run serin:

> serin

Windows Serin MyApp

Type an application name, e.g. MySerene and press enter. Take a break while Serin creates your project, initializes static content and restores packages etc.

After Serin creates your project, you will have a MySerene.Web folder under current directory. Enter that directory:

> cd MySerene.Web

Running Serene

For OSX / Linux, first restore packages:

> dotnet restore

Make sure you run this command under MySerene.AspNetCore folder.

Then type:

> dotnet run

Now open a browser and navigate to http://localhost:5000.

Actual port may vary. You'll see it on console after executing dotnet run.

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